Ashes to Art



Fierce Individuality

Raku is a Japanese pottery technique that originated in the 16th century.  The Raku process primarily revolves around its firing process although involvement with Raku often goes much deeper into it’s philosophy, roots and cultural significance.  The firing process is much more rapid than traditional kiln firing and utilizes a unique finishing technique.  Molten hot pieces are plunged into a container of combustible materials which is what creates the fierce individuality of each piece.


Born from a Tuesday night pottery class that kept him coming back for over 20 years, Raku For Life, is now a business that creates art from ash.  It is also this artists way of giving back.   Knowing first hand the awkwardness of having a loved ones remains in a weird meaningless container, Raku For Life was a stroke of genius.  Raku is also the perfect medium to receive ashes as each piece is always unique unto itself.

Tuesdays with Jack

Jack is a resident of both Boise and McCall, you can find his previous work on display in Studio 616 and The Sushi Bar.  Most Tuesday nights you can find Jack at the Boise Community Art Center, sometimes  on the wheel, occasionally teaching and always having a really good time.


Jack’s pottery is one of the most creative and thoughtful ideas when it comes to having the life of a loved one forever in your home. It’s personalized touch is breath taking.


For me, his pottery is one of a kind and truly genuine.  Priceless.


Being able to have a loved ones ashes on display so beautifully is brilliant, and knowing that each piece is unique and being created with so much love and respect is really reassuring.